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Bespoke blacksmithing from Kington Forge

Hand made to order decorative and architectural ironwork covering Kington, Herefordshire and most of the United Kingdom since 1993. 

 Kington Forge 

we have been producing high quality iron and metalwork in Kington, Herefordshire since 1993 under the proprietorship of Marcus Henke:

"My reputation for design, quality and historical accuracy has enabled us to attract many clients from well-known architects, trusts, churches and historical buildings as well as many members of the public seeking high-class workmanship and high standard blacksmith projects at a competitive price."

Kington forge decorative iron gate

Artistry and creativity

Marcus trained as a sculptor before turning to the art of being a blacksmith and metal forger, and combine the two elements to create unique works. He is proud to bring a flair for detail, design and style to all of the work which he completes. 

Horse sculpture Kington Forge

Kington Forge products

We can assist with many blacksmithing projects, and while our product list is varied,  we specialise in bespoke metal work made to your precise requirements. This can often involve historical reference in order to reproduce items that are in keeping with the location in which they are to be installed.

No job is too small or too large

Fire basket Kington Forge

Our fire baskets, fire dogs, grates and fireplace furniture is designed to be both functional and stylish. We specialise in meeting the needs of our clients and producing items that are in keeping with the period and style of the building in which they are installed.

Increase security without compromising on style, and make a grand statement with durable metal gates, either traditional or modern ,from Kington Forge.

Decorative grilles

With beautiful patterns and expert craftmanship, our grilles and screens can add unique elegance to cabinets, sideboards and many other areas in the home.

Handrails and railings can be both practical and showcase beautiful design and patterns.

Cast iron weathervane

Traditionally used as an instrument to show the direction of the wind, weathervanes are now commonly used to add a little quirkiness to your home. They are usually installed to the highest point of the building and are available in a range of designs.

Fern chair Kington Forge

Kington Forge can create unique and beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture that are designed around you and your requirements.

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We can make almost anything that sparks your imagination.Just ask!

Kingfisher sculpture Kington forge

Combining contemporary designs with expert metal work, Kington Forge can create metal sculptures and garden features that are truly unique and beautiful.

Restoration Kington forge

Kington Forge have experience of providing restoration for historically important items in monuments, churches, homes and other buildings in Kington an across the UK. We can provide accurate and sympathetic restoration for large and small projects, returning those extra special pieces to their former glory. 

Get in touch

For assistance with your project, get in touch to see how Kington Forge can help you.

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